Golf critics talk about technology making golf courses obsolete because of distance, but what they fail to clarify is that this only pertains to 0.1% of the golfing population. In truth, the vast majority of golfers are playing from tees that are too long based on their club speed and skill level.
If golfers are to continue playing the same length tees, then optimizing their driver distance is going to be key to enhancing their performance.
Because of the trends and correlations found in the TrackMan Combine data, it is possible to calculate the proximity to hole for nearly any handicap or approach distance with high confidence.
By increasing your club head speed by 10mph, you can increase your driver carry distance by 27 yards.
Distance to target reductions from hitting your drive 30 yards further:
Yards left to pin: 224 to 195 = 43 feet closer
Yards left to pin: 202 to 173 = 37 feet closer
Yards left to pin: 184 to 155 = 31 feet closer
Yards left to pin: 165 to 136 = 25 feet closer
Yards left to pin: 102 to 73 = 7 foot closer
That means more greens hit, and more legitimate birdie putts.
performance of the average male amateur

Trackman Combine

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