How Rory Hits It So Far


Rory’s response didn’t surprise us at all; and that’s why we built SpeedStix as the ONLY Speed Trainer that comes with a full golf specific mobility and strength training program.

Paraphrasing Rory:

1. You have to train moving the club faster (speed training).

2. Getting your body in the right shape (mobility and strength training).

3. Getting your mind in the right place (speed training with YOUR grip and shaft?!).

You can do one without the other but you will never reach your distance potential.  Get a system that has all the components for hitting your full potential off the tee and watch your scores drop.

Dustin Johnson using a set of Speed Sticks

Dame Laura Davies and Henni Koyack commentating at the 2023 US Open.  Former world No 1 and one of the longest and straightest drivers on the planet is using a set of speed sticks during his warmup to prep his body for his round.

Want to find out more about what it can do for your game?  Take a look around our website and find out!

Speed training has benefits for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability.  Golfers who train their bodies with golf specific training (including speed training) score lower and play better.

Why Speed Training

Speed training is a powerful tool for golfers looking to improve their handicap. Here’s why:
  1. Increased clubhead speed leads to longer drives. According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, a 1 mph increase in clubhead speed can lead to an average increase of 2.7 yards in driving distance (1). This can be especially beneficial for golfers with slower swing speeds, as they may struggle to hit the ball as far as their counterparts.
  2. Faster swing speeds can lead to lower scores. In the same study, it was found that golfers with faster swing speeds had significantly lower scores than those with slower swing speeds (1). This is likely due to the fact that they are able to hit the ball further and thus have shorter approach shots into the green.
  3. Speed training can improve overall golf fitness. Golf is a physically demanding sport, and improved physical fitness can lead to better performance on the course. Speed training exercises such as medicine ball throws and plyometrics can help golfers build strength and power in the muscles used in their golf swing.
  4. Speed training can improve swing mechanics. Proper swing mechanics are essential for consistent, accurate shots. Speed training can help golfers learn to generate power in their swing through the use of proper body mechanics, leading to more consistent shots and lower scores.
Overall, speed training can be a valuable addition to a golfer’s training regimen. By improving clubhead speed, physical fitness, and swing mechanics, golfers can see significant improvements in their handicap and overall performance on the course.
  1. Thompson, K. G., Gordon, S., & Keogh, J. W. (2008). The effect of clubhead speed on driving distance in golf: A pilot study. Journal of Sports Sciences, 26(12), 1295-1301.

Distance vs Accuracy

The impact of driving distance and accuracy on scores: For a 20 yard increase in driving distance, a typical 100-golfers score will decrease by an average of 2.3 strokes per round. For a one-degree improvement in accuracy a typical 100-golfers score will decrease by an average of 1 stroke per round. Extra driving distance is worth more to high scoring golfers than low scoring golfers. The results below are based on a simulation analysis in a 2013 Columbia Business School working paper by Broadie and Ko:

Strokes per 20 yards: PGA Tour – 0.8; 80s – 1.3; 90s – 1.6; 100s – 2.3
Stroker per degree: PGA Tour – 0.8; 80s – 0.9; 90s – 0.9; 100s – 1.0

Assessing Golfer Performance on the PGA TOUR




Trackman Combine

Golf critics talk about technology making golf courses obsolete because of distance, but what they fail to clarify is that this only pertains to 0.1% of the golfing population. In truth, the vast majority of golfers are playing from tees that are too long based on their club speed and skill level.
If golfers are to continue playing the same length tees, then optimizing their driver distance is going to be key to enhancing their performance.
Because of the trends and correlations found in the TrackMan Combine data, it is possible to calculate the proximity to hole for nearly any handicap or approach distance with high confidence.
By increasing your club head speed by 10mph, you can increase your driver carry distance by 27 yards.
Distance to target reductions from hitting your drive 30 yards further:
Yards left to pin: 224 to 195 = 43 feet closer
Yards left to pin: 202 to 173 = 37 feet closer
Yards left to pin: 184 to 155 = 31 feet closer
Yards left to pin: 165 to 136 = 25 feet closer
Yards left to pin: 102 to 73 = 7 foot closer
That means more greens hit, and more legitimate birdie putts.
performance of the average male amateur

Lowest Score Wins

Golf is unique: it’s the only sport in which the Lowest Score Wins. Golfers have been inundated for years with advice and sayings intended to help them shoot lower scores, like “spend 50% of your time practicing your putting” or “you’ve got to be in the short grass.”

What if we told you that most of this popular advice was not true at all? That these myths are holding you back from reaching your potential and shooting the lowest score possible? Visit for why distance is the most important aspect of golf, and how to use it to lower your scores. You can get a 4 video set from Vimeo here, use the promo code GolfAppsLSW for 10% off.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.           How much do each of the weights weigh?
A.           180g,  230g, 265g.  So with a standard 65g shaft the total weight would be 245g, 295g and 330g, but with a lighter shaft at 45g the total weight would be 225g, 275g and 310g avoiding the need for a “super light” weight, and optimising the system for you.

Q.           Is your system any good for Junior and/or Senior golfers?
A.            Yes, our system is suitable for all golfers.  Because you use your own shaft with the length, grip size shaft weight and flex suited for you our system works best.  We also focus on preparing your body first so if you’re not used to speed specific exercise we will get you ready.

Q.           I’ve ordered, but have not received a tracking number.
A.            Please check your spam folder and add “orders [at] speedstix [dot] com” to you safe senders list.  You should get an email with the tracking number, and also one with instructions for the training program once you place and order and the status changes to completed.

Q.           How do I access the training program?
A.            If you are on iOS then search for “SpeedStix” in the app store and download the app.  Sign in with the same email address and password you used when you ordered your set.

Q.           I’ve not received my SpeedStix yet, what should I do?
A.            Check the link in the email you received with the tracking number when you ordered.  You can expand the tracking link and see where the package is and if there are any delays.  You can start the training program immediately though, as there is some preparation you can (and should) be doing before starting the speed training.