Frequently Asked Questions

Q.           How much do each of the weights weigh?
A.           180g,  230g, 265g.  So with a standard 65g shaft the total weight would be 245g, 295g and 330g, but with a lighter shaft at 45g the total weight would be 225g, 275g and 310g avoiding the need for a “super light” weight, and optimising the system for you.

Q.           Is your system any good for Junior and/or Senior golfers?
A.            Yes, our system is suitable for all golfers.  Because you use your own shaft with the length, grip size shaft weight and flex suited for you our system works best.  We also focus on preparing your body first so if you’re not used to speed specific exercise we will get you ready.

Q.           I’ve ordered, but have not received a tracking number.
A.            Please check your spam folder and add “orders [at] speedstix [dot] com” to you safe senders list.  You should get an email with the tracking number, and also one with instructions for the training program once you place and order and the status changes to completed.

Q.           How do I access the training program?
A.            If you are on iOS then search for “SpeedStix” in the app store and download the app.  Sign in with the same email address and password you used when you ordered your set.

Q.           I’ve not received my SpeedStix yet, what should I do?
A.            Check the link in the email you received with the tracking number when you ordered.  You can expand the tracking link and see where the package is and if there are any delays.  You can start the training program immediately though, as there is some preparation you can (and should) be doing before starting the speed training.


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