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SuperbSpeed Stix

I appreciated its help with developing my golf fitness and swing speeds. Unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed by an ongoing physical ailment, I could no longer continue with the recommended rigorous routines [I am in my early 70s]. The driver attachment is transferable to other club manufacturers with the right adapter, which can be purchased.
I would certainly recommend this to anyone seriously considering improving their golf conditioning.
Andrew and his team are meticulous with the advice and instructions provided.

Speed Stix Review

I've been able to add about 3 mph to my swing speed after only about 2 1/2 months of training. By using a simulator I've also been able to see what launch angle and rate of backspin maximize distance for the same club head speed. I hope to add a few more mph before spring! Speed Stix is a good program that requires a commitment to the training - you can't just buy another 10 yards - you have to earn it!

Love it. Has improved my driving no end

My swing sped has gone up appreciably and I’m now adding 10 to 15 yards to my drive. I’m 60 years old. This has been a godsend

Love the fit

It’s a great product because I get to use my own shaft.


An easy way to improve your speed (Length) with not to much hazzle. Easy to attach and super exercises as well.

Great Product at a Great Price

I had the pleasure of trying these out a few years ago now and they are amazing. Simple to set up and use. Much cheaper than other brands and transferable to other club manufacturers as long as you get the right fitting.
Such a simple but yet innovative aid that really does help gain speed and therefore distance. Portable so you can use whenever you want.

Nice Product

Love the product. I would recommend using a spare shaft, rather than using own driver shaft. Well worth every £

The fastest training aid I’ve tried

Been tinkering with the speedstix a lot lately and my goodness are they quick! It’s literally the fastest training aid I’ve tried at the moment. The middleweight is my favourite as it makes the long drive driver feel amazing for some reason. Great product from you and Mike. I’ll just need a fiddle around with the training program now. I’ve been a long time user or super speed sticks and I do regularly strength train and working for Ocado is quite a hardy job too. We’re in good shape for Warrington now!

They do what they say and are attentive to your needs

New speedstix

I recently purchased the SpeedStrix and began using it during the week and and before each round. Coupled with the training I am beginning to see improvements in distance and overall stability with all my clubs. Great tool!

Awesome product!

So far so good

Began the program just a couple weeks ago. I have gained club head speed. I will continue with the program and hope for continued improvement. Easy to follow.

Practice at home

Really enjoying my speed stix, its the best way to practice your golf swing from our own home

Speed Stix Set with Titleist Adapter

Quality adapter

Very good quality adapter with three different weights. Will be training over the winter months to add speed for next season…

Great value and quality

Great value and quality for the price compared to competition. Quick and easy to change the weights over, I have a dedicated driver shaft I use for speed training with the weights. Happy with my purchase.

Great product

Love these ! Find it better than having extra clubs in my car all the time. Easy to change and I love the speed programme and training tips that all come with it.


Great training aid resulting in good progress on swing speed. Excellent supporting videos providing great feedback on any weaknesses enabling targeted improvement via specific exercises. Great product.

Excellent product

Excellent product as described, which you can use with your preferred shaft.

Speed Stix Set with PXG Adapter

Customer Service

I had an issue after not following the directions when tightening down the screw. I emailed customer service and they took care of me right away. It was easy to contact them and they went above and beyond for me. Thank you Andrew for taking care of me.

A Delayed Reaction

With a small delay in all components arriving together, I was finally able to begin my strengthening program 4 weeks ago. I started out with a 97mph swing speed. I have not been tested for speed in the past 4 weeks but what I can say is that I am hitting my second shots from a lot closer to the green. What I may not have gained in swing speed yet has shown up in greater flexibility equating to a better swing plane with promising results. I am excited to get speed measured soon to see what increase there will be.

Need some Speed

Being a senior person my ball is not traveling as in the past so I looked for something to give me some SPEED! I have seen up to a ten mile an hour increase to date! This works!

Sensational product

Hitting it longer already! 2 weeks in and loving it

Speed Stix difference maker

If you are reaching for different weights to increase your distance, look no further.

You don’t have to purchase fixed weight sticks or swap able sticks. Why not just purchase these Speed Stix weights. Your purchase comes with a sleeve that’s sits on your interchangeable sleeve on your golf shaft. As long as your driver, wood, or hybrid can be adjusted and not a fixed head.

You just choose the correct sleeve to match your driver brand. If you don’t have the same brand of wood or hybrid, you will have to order extra sleeves to match your woods or hybrids.

Was looking for a Canadian or US brand option, not available. Found one in Korea, but you have to use their shaft and sleeves. Depending where you live, duties and tariffs and taxes will apply. Stumbled on Speed Stix website and wow.

Even emailed a question and was answered immediately with the time difference from Australia. The price for my budget and Andrew G. from Speed Stix was really accommodating. Depending where you live, shipping was approx 3 weeks and no Duty or tariffs or taxes. Came by Post.

Can’t wait to start on my training and login with Speed Stix for their training program which comes with the weights.

Many thanks Speed Stix and Andrew.
Fern from Vancouver, BC, Canada.