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No Precision Manufacturing Here

The weight set looks good, but it appears that the screw it too long. When assembled the pieces do not seat together snuggly. This allows movement and rattling when in use.

It would have been nice if they had disclosed that there is no android compatible app available, I had to access the app on a friends iPhone. Which consists of a bunch of poor quality videos. It would be nice to have a couple of complete videos that could be followed as a whole program instead of the piece meal nature as it exists.

Overall, I will use the speedstix but I am disappointed in the quality and support.

Hi Darrel, there is a spring washer that keeps the screw tight and need to be used. It will have been with the screw inside the adapter, so please check the packaging for it. If you have lost it then contact us through the website and we can send you a replacement.

Regarding the Android app it is mentioned on the front page of the site that this is in development. In the email you will have received when ordering we ask Android users to contact us directly so we can provide access to the training through our website.


SpeedStix Weight Set
Dave Shogren
Need some Speed

Being a senior person my ball is not traveling as in the past so I looked for something to give me some SPEED! I have seen up to a ten mile an hour increase to date! This works!

SpeedStix Weight Set
Duncan Croudis
Sensational product

Hitting it longer already! 2 weeks in and loving it

SpeedStix Weight Set
Brett Storer

Hi i would love to write a review but i havnt recieved them yet

Hi Brett, sorry you have not received these yet. As mentioned in our email to you a week or so ago where we provided the tracking details, there have been issues with global postal services due to Covid.

We have however raised your specific issue with the postal service to see if they can track your package down, and apparently they are waiting on a response from you?

Apologies again for the delay in receiving your SpeedStix, but from the tracking it seems you have received them now?

SpeedStix Weight Set
Fernando Chow
Speed Stix difference maker

If you are reaching for different weights to increase your distance, look no further.

You don’t have to purchase fixed weight sticks or swap able sticks. Why not just purchase these Speed Stix weights. Your purchase comes with a sleeve that’s sits on your interchangeable sleeve on your golf shaft. As long as your driver, wood, or hybrid can be adjusted and not a fixed head.

You just choose the correct sleeve to match your driver brand. If you don’t have the same brand of wood or hybrid, you will have to order extra sleeves to match your woods or hybrids.

Was looking for a Canadian or US brand option, not available. Found one in Korea, but you have to use their shaft and sleeves. Depending where you live, duties and tariffs and taxes will apply. Stumbled on Speed Stix website and wow.

Even emailed a question and was answered immediately with the time difference from Australia. The price for my budget and Andrew G. from Speed Stix was really accommodating. Depending where you live, shipping was approx 3 weeks and no Duty or tariffs or taxes. Came by Post.

Can’t wait to start on my training and login with Speed Stix for their training program which comes with the weights.

Many thanks Speed Stix and Andrew.
Fern from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Unreal Product!

Very easy to use! When used correctly, guaranteed to get extra distance off the tee. 100% great product. Space saver too!

SpeedStix Weight Set
Steven Chintis

SpeedStix Weight Set

Hi Seven, we sent you an email a couple of days ago with instructions on how to log into the app and reset your password if you had forgotten it. We have not heard back, so assume that all is ok now.

SpeedStix Admin

First impression

Been using the speedstix for 2 weeks now and I already feel a little faster. Also by using the heavier swing weight it helps me keep my swing on plane. Will continue with the speedstix training and outlook for extra yards is very promising

Great product, easily interchangeable... would recommend

SpeedStix Weight Set
James Fleming
A must have for all golf bags

Fantastic training aid and easily stored within my golf bag. Have used regularly over the last few months and gains in speed/distance have been recognised by myself and playing partners since courses have re-opened.

Not only is it a device to practice with it comes with all the knowledge and expertise via the app to train effectively.

Works great

Products work perfectly and the app has a lot of good content. Very happy with my purchase.

Competitive Junior Golfer

Just started with the speed stix program, and so impressed with the product so far. I am a competitive junior golfer and love how I can use my own shafts that are already fitted for me to speed train. Many of the other training products are much too long for juniors so this works so well for me. Thank you speed stix for the support in my golf journey.

SpeedStix Weight Set
Andrew Guyton
Awesome Product

I saw this when researching for super speed golf. This product is fantastic, cheaper and fits on my own driver.

Getting a full training program is a great addition too!