Speed Stix Set with Ping 400 and earlier Adapter

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Weight Set + Adaptor for Ping Drivers and Fairways G400, G30, G, G LS Tec, G SF Tec, G LE, G Stretch, Rhapsody.

For 410 models and later choose the Ping410 product.

25 years of experience in improving golf swings. 1,000’s of golfers hitting it further with our program. 30 Day money back guarantee.
Try our full program for 30 days and we guarantee you’ll be swinging faster. If not, return it for your money back, no quibble.

Speed Stix are a set of golf speed sticks created by attaching an adapter and a weight to your own driver or fairway wood shaft. Alongside our FREE training program from a TPI certified trainer you can increase your club head speed by over 10 mph….that equates to 27 yards extra carry.  Easily portable these can fit in your golf bag to use as  a pre round warm up so you are hitting bombs from the first tee.

Examples from our testing, correction and training program, included FREE with your purchase

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Use our Speed Stix alongside our training program and we guarantee you will increase your club head speed by over 10 mph….that equates to 27 yards extra carry. Longer drives, shorter irons into greens, more birdie opportunities. Easily pLS����

Speed Stix Set with Ping 400 and earlier Adapter

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Customer Reviews

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Roland Kandiah
SuperbSpeed Stix

I appreciated its help with developing my golf fitness and swing speeds. Unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed by an ongoing physical ailment, I could no longer continue with the recommended rigorous routines [I am in my early 70s]. The driver attachment is transferable to other club manufacturers with the right adapter, which can be purchased.
I would certainly recommend this to anyone seriously considering improving their golf conditioning.
Andrew and his team are meticulous with the advice and instructions provided.

Robert Moore
Speed Stix Review

I've been able to add about 3 mph to my swing speed after only about 2 1/2 months of training. By using a simulator I've also been able to see what launch angle and rate of backspin maximize distance for the same club head speed. I hope to add a few more mph before spring! Speed Stix is a good program that requires a commitment to the training - you can't just buy another 10 yards - you have to earn it!

Gary McGraw
Love it. Has improved my driving no end

My swing sped has gone up appreciably and I’m now adding 10 to 15 yards to my drive. I’m 60 years old. This has been a godsend

Jason Conn
Love the fit

It’s a great product because I get to use my own shaft.


An easy way to improve your speed (Length) with not to much hazzle. Easy to attach and super exercises as well.