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The beginning

Born in a basement golf and fitness facility in the City of London, SpeedStix came about through the relationship between a keen golfer (Andrew) and a golf fitness coach (Mike).  Following  a strength and conditioning program that Mike had Andrew on for a month a quest for more speed was started.
Below are the numbers after the S&C program, but prior to the speed work:
And following the speed work, some new numbers:
It was then that the idea for SpeedStix was born.  Following a search for an affordable, portable speed trainer with a shaft and grip that “felt right” but coming up empty, Andrew put his brain to solving this for the regular golfer.  A few years later, SpeedStix launched.

The People

Mike Joyce

Mike runs the training program at SpeedStix. A TPI Certified Golf Fitness Specialist and recognised exercise professional with a degree in sports science and over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. Mike has an extensive list of golfing clients, who travel from all over the world for his expert guidance.
Working alongside a variety of internationally recognised golf coaches as well as medical professionals, Mike offers a fully encompassing package of services.

These include:

  • Biomechanics and TPI testing
  • Strength and Power testing
  • Corrective, Performance and Aesthetic exercise prescription
  • Bespoke nutrition
  • Motivational support.

The aim is to help all levels of golfer to play, feel and look better.
Mike is based in the city of London and Hertfordshire (where he co-owns a golf and fitness studio). He also has access to a variety of golf facilities around the south of England.
Find Mike elsewhere online at

Kenny Stephenson

Kenny is a PGA & TPI level 2 Certified Coach and subsequent to a stint on the EuroPro Tour has been improving golfers swings for 20 years. The tour experience has given him a great understanding around clients difficulties and player performance, tournament preparation and understanding of the pressures that come with it.
He is the go to at SpeedStix for all things golf swing, and regularly utilises SpeedStix in his client sessions for feeling pressure shift in the swing as well as increasing speed.

Andrew Guyton

Andrew is the product specialist, and the brains behind all things technical. A keen (some would say addicted) golfer Andrew is the product engineer behind the SpeedStix design.  He is busy working behind the scenes on customer satisfaction and the website (when not practicing or playing golf anyway).

Team Certifications & Qualifications

  • BA/BSc Sports Science
  • PGA Certified
  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Titleist Performance Institute Golf 2 Certified
  • Members of the Golf Performance Network
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Strength & Conditioning
  • Exercise Referral (GP) Specialist