Welcome to the beginning of your Speed Journey!

Make sure you are logged into the site with the details you used when purchasing your SpeedStix (under the My Account page).

Go to Training Schedule in the menu under My Account/Training/
Select from the options available. Combinations are restricted (for example a beginner will not have access to the Gym equipment type). you can revisit this when your experience level changes as you progress through the program.

Go to Testing in the menu under My Account/Training/
Complete all the mobility tests, making each as a pass or fail. You can revisit these tests again and re-test at any point when you think the result may have changed.

Go to Calendar in the menu under My Account/Training/
Click the Go button, and your daily exercise program will be shown, including any corrective exercise required to fix any mobility issues. This will be your main portal into your training.

Download your Hip Rotation Test template here for use in the Mobility Tests.

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