Made for speed....


Made for speed....


Made for speed....

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golf speed sticks
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speed trainer golf
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golf speed sticks
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golf club speed trainer
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Distance or Accuracy? Both Please!

Have a look at the data in Lou Stager’s post on X. This is all from the Arccos Golf database.

For a golfer to be included:

Had to hit at least 200 drivers each year and they increased their median driving distance by at least 5% year-over-year.

Thousands of golfers met this criteria.


Key Takeaways:

Strokes Gained off the Tee: 94.0% of players improved their strokes gained off-the-tee after gaining distance.

75.2% of these players improved by at least 0.70 strokes per round.

For those who increased their distance by 10% or more, 99.8% improved their strokes gained off-the-tee.

Penalty Shot Percentage: 51.4% of players had FEWER penalty shots after gaining distance. 48.6% had more penalty shots. 9.4% reduced their penalty shots by at least 5%.


SpeedStix - The Program

You don't just get a set of golf speed sticks. The below sections are all part of your in depth speed training program.

SpeedStix Device

SpeedStix are a set of three weights and an adapter to fit on your driver or fairway wood shaft, turning your club into a set of golf speed sticks. Alongside our training program from a TPI certified trainer you can increase your club head speed by over 10 mph....that equates to 27 yards extra carry. Longer drives, shorter irons into greens, more birdie opportunities. Time to upgrade your swing to a super speed golf swing! Get the golf swing trainer that will do the most to lower your handicap.

Body Awareness

The body has alternating segments of stable and mobile joints. If it is working as it should, then the body is free to jump, squat, turn, push, pull, throw and chop – all actions that find themselves in an explosive swing. If any segment doesn’t perform as it should, then a compensation is made and power will leak and/or pain will be present. Our app will identify how this relates to you.

Strength & Power Training

From the comfort of your home or the gym we have a training program for you. Learn and then strengthen the three main areas responsible for a strong golfing body, and use a combination of explosive jumps and throws to train your central nervous system to move faster. These are the key moves associated with high speed golf swings.

Physical Limitations

Work through our physical tests and record your findings for us to correct in the next section. Golf Posture Check, Pelvic Mobility, Hip Hinge Mobility and more.

The SpeedStix Protocol

Your more powerful and efficient body mechanics can now be applied to the golf swing. We’ll take you through our speed progression programme which will transfer directly into swinging your clubs faster, hitting the ball further and shooting lower scores.

Ground Force Reaction

We will show you how to use your SpeedStix as a tool to train you to utilise the ground effectively, to promote an efficient, consistent and fast golf swing.

Why Choose Us?

What makes us different from the competition?

Why Choose Us?

golf superspeed

What is in the Program?

We won't just send you out with a speed device and some drills to swing a weight on the end of a shaft. We will test for mobility issues, provide exercises to fix those identified, then set you up with a full training program to get the most out of the product.


13 separate tests to identify where you have mobility issues that will cause compensations in your swing. These lead to a loss of power and more importantly a higher likely hood of an inconsistent swing.


We have a training program for all levels of fitness, beginners, intermediate and advanced trainers. We also cater for those with no access to equipment right through to those regular gym goers.


Once you know what is broken, we will provide the exercises to fix it. Not only will this increase speed, you'll get more consistency in your swing and be able to play without pain!


We'll teach you how to get the most out of your SeedStix with a full speed program developed in conjunction with a TPI trainer and a PGA pro.
This is not just about swinging a weights stick fast, this is how you can utilise our system to IMPROVE your swing by learning how to use the ground effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Something not answered? Let us know through our contact page.

  Yes, our system is suitable for all golfers.  Because you use your own shaft with the length, grip size shaft weight and flex suited for you our system works best.  We also focus on preparing your body first so if you’re not used to speed specific exercise, we will get you ready.

Please check your spam folder and add “orders [at] speedstix [dot] com” to you safe senders list.  You should get an email with the tracking number, and also one with instructions for the training program once you place and order and the status changes to completed.

Go to the Training Portal in the menu under My Account, the Instructions page has full details of how to access the training.  This will be available to you as soon as your order is confirmed.

Through our training program you will improve your sequencing and body action which as well as more speed, will get you more accuracy.

Driver shafts are designed to withstand significant forces during the swing and at impact.  Swinging a shaft with a SpeedStix weight attached without the impact of the golf ball in fact produces less force on the shaft.

Our training program will take you though a full set of mobility, strength and speed exercises industry proven to increase your swing speed.

Ball speed is a function of impact conditions and swing speed. Our program will get you swinging faster whilst teaching you how to use your body more efficiently so you can strike the centre of the face more often.

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